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Welcome to the Talbot Brothers Website!
Welcome to the Talbot Brothers website, a celebration of Bermudian tradition and legacy of music left for others to enjoy for years to come. Ross "Blackie" Talbot Foundation has provided the funding for this historical and inspiring project to produce a book and set of DVDs celebrating the career of world renowned musicians, the Talbot Brothers.


  • A 60 page 10” x 11” full colour collector’s item coffee table book with never seen before photos of The Talbot Brothers travels and recordings.

  • 40 of their greatest hits, re-released on a two CD disc set including these favorites:
    Bermuda Buggy Ride, Atomic Nightmare, Freckles, Run Fast, Fast Going Back to Bermuda, Jane Jane Jane, Outta Me, Razor Razor, The Fool, Remember Bermuda, Out the Fire, Tide, Last Train.

  • A 90 minute narrated DVD with footage of the their appearance on the famous Ed Sullivan show. It’s a story of Bermuda calypso capturing the glory and essence of the Bermudian spirit, in one timeless package.

You can pre-order your collector's edition of the book / DVD online now!

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